Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mount Vernon

Last Saturday, we visited Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. We decided to get annual passes, so we're ready to take any visitors that want to go. We wandered around the grounds for awhile, decided to skip the gigantic line into the house and found our way to the museum. Mount Vernon is owned by a private organization that prides themselves that they have never recieved public funds. They have done an amazing job of restoring the estate, and we enjoyed many of the exhibits in the museum, including a movie with snow and fog in the theater.

Outside the greenhouse, many tropical plants flourish in the summer heat of DC. There were many gardens for different purposes, flowers, botanical, seeds, vegetables, etc.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Harper's Ferry

On Saturday, we headed off to Harper's Ferry, WV for some Civil War era history. We joined the crowds at this National Park and enjoyed the various museums on the site. The humidity and heat made us glad we were not wearing the wool outfits like the volunteer reenacters who helped us learn about the history.

John Brown's fort at it's current location. Note the guy outside found a bit of shade to stand in.

Checking for passes outside the Provost Marshall's office, so we went in the attached Boarding House.

Inside the Provost Marshall's office.

Near where the munitions factory once stood that made this location key during the Civil War, a large group had set up what camp would have looked like. Complete with a fire burning and one guy taking a nap!

One soldier stands by a sign that had the rules for the town and in the background is a farmer's market circa the 1860s. We enjoy the farmer's market now as an option, but it was once the only choice for fresh produce unless you grew it yourself.