Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mount Vernon

Last Saturday, we visited Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. We decided to get annual passes, so we're ready to take any visitors that want to go. We wandered around the grounds for awhile, decided to skip the gigantic line into the house and found our way to the museum. Mount Vernon is owned by a private organization that prides themselves that they have never recieved public funds. They have done an amazing job of restoring the estate, and we enjoyed many of the exhibits in the museum, including a movie with snow and fog in the theater.

Outside the greenhouse, many tropical plants flourish in the summer heat of DC. There were many gardens for different purposes, flowers, botanical, seeds, vegetables, etc.

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  1. That sounds like a fun trip! Since you bought a season pass maybe Nate and I can take you up on it when we come for our visit. I've also got you down on the calendar for Aug/Sep when you come 'home' so we'll definitely have to get together.