Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mount Vernon Take 2

We took advantage of our annual pass and the beautiful weather to visit the other parts of Mount Vernon that we had not seen previously. First stop was the Grist Mill and Distillery. We watched the demo (below) of grinding the grain.

The grain then lands on this sifter and into a barrel.

The outside of the grist mill. The individual pieces were quite large, and so was the overall building. Washington shipped his fine ground flour to Europe and the West Indies.

The distillery was only open for a few years making whisky, but Washington was the largest producer in Virginia.

We then went to Mount Vernon's main property and were pleasantly surprised to find a craft fair and lots of activities going on.

The authentic looking soldier's camp is set up behind this cannon.

While standing in line for the tour of the house, we watched them march up the bowling green.

The demo was really loud! Especially when the entire troup fired at the same time.

Almost closing time, so we wandered briefly through the Lower Gardens (kitchen) and headed back for the exit.

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