Sunday, March 21, 2010

Annapolis, MD

Last Saturday was incredibly warm. 75 and sunny. First weekend this year where it hasn't been snowing or raining. So, we joined the rest of the crowds in an activity more suited for nice weather outdoors. Annapolis is only about an hour drive, and we had not yet visited. Along with the usual visitor draws like shopping, restaurants and the Naval Academy, it was Maryland days. So everyone was highlighting the history and uniqueness of Maryland.
Here's the view of the downtown waterfront shopping area.

One of the historical actors from a near-by museum.

The waterfront. There were several ice cream shops nearby with steady business as everyone got ice cream and wandered in the sunshine.

Daffodils are finally blooming! Spring came late, but now that it is here, everything is blooming at once.
The waterfront within the Naval Academy. It's a huge campus, so we only saw part of it. Probably the most important part was the gift shop :)

The sign may be a little hard to read, but it was the story of the goat mascot.

Mascot at the entrance to the Naval Academy.

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