Monday, April 19, 2010

B&B in Charlottesville, VA

During Snowmaggedon, we tried to visit Monticello, but everything was closed. So, this weekend we had no plans and decided kind of at the last minute to go to Charlottesville. Between Virginia Garden Week and a marathon, and the fabulous weather, every B&B and hotel room in town was full. Finally found one about 20 minutes from town that sounded nice and had an open room so we reserved it. When we showed up, it was a little bit more country than we were expecting. AT&T cell phones didn't work, no tvs, no internet. Lots of time for reading and was a nice break.
The front of the High Meadows Vineyard Inn.

Just one of the many places to relax around the grounds.

Explains the Vineyard part of the name.

The dogwoods were in full bloom.

Ryan enjoying the almost 90 degree weather. We were glad that it cooled down for Saturday and Sunday.

We had Eggs Benedict the first morning and crepes the second morning thanks to the chickens just outside.
The common areas were full of books about gardening and cooking.

Our room with the tallest bed I've ever slept in. Luckily there was a chair nearby that we pulled closeby to use as a launching tool. I don't know how else you're supposed to make it.
We spent the weekend touring the historical sites and President's homes nearby and enjoying the peace and quiet at the B&B.

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