Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last year, Ryan was on travel in Detroit and had the opportunity to spend Halloween with Dominic. So, when Dominic asked if we were coming to visit this year, we agreed. One benefit of being on the East Coast, is the direct flights to lots of cities. So, was just a short flight for use to get from Dulles to Detroit.
This picture is a little hard to see, but it is Dominic lying in a coffin, holding the candy bowl. Someone else runs the fog machine. Dominic's neighbors all gather together with tons of candy and brave the cold for a night full of laughs. One person will fill Dominic in (i.e., a group of five 10-year olds, or one small child with parents.) He'll then use his best judgement on which ones to let take the candy and which ones to scare. For added drawing power - there was a full size candy bar in the basket. We enjoyed the evening!

The same neighborhood group also gathers for a costume party. We went with Renaissance costumes. There were some really creative costumes - the Beatles, Rosie the Riveter, Willie Wonka, Jon & Kate plus 8, OctoMom, the Village People, and the full crew from Scooby Doo. Most people had thought about their costume all year. We enjoyed the long weekend and the experience.

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  1. And i thought passing out candy in my tiara with my granddaughter in arms was fun! LoL janet