Friday, November 27, 2009

Paul and Sharon Visit DC for Thanksgiving

Just a few of the pictures from Paul and Sharon's visit to spend Thanksgiving with us in DC.

Sandy Boulevard from Portland is in the American History Museum.

Crossing the mall, looking at the Capitol Building.

Outside the Smithsonian Castle.

Another view of the Capitol.

Park across from Melany and Ryan's apartment.

At the National Geographic special exibit on the Terra Cotta Warriors from China.

The Washington Memorial at Sunset.

World War II Memorial on the Mall.

World War II Memorial on the Mall, in front of the Washington state column.

World War II Memorial on the Mall, in front of the Oregon state column.

Apartment complex where Melany and Ryan live.

Ryan gives a sermon in the Williamsburg first Anglican church.

Trying to decipher the map outside the Capitol Building in Williamsburg.

The demo in the Blacksmith shop at Williamsburg.

The spinning demo in Williamsburg.

Inside the museum exhibit on quilts and quilted clothing in Williamsburg.

The Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at in Williamsburg.

A well in Williamsburg.

Actual food prepared as a demo in the Williamsburg kitchen for the Governor's Palace.

Rosemary from the Governor's Palace kitchen garden.

Here comes the Governor in the recreation of Colonial Williamsburg.

The cabinet maker's workshop. Five woodworkers are employed here to keep all the woodwork of Williamsburg in working order and make harpsichords.

Silversmith workshop.

The House of Burgesses in the Capitol of Williamsburg.

Parts of DC Downtown was blocked off for the State Dinner.

Inside the Library of Congress.

Capitol Visitor Center.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum - the moon rover.

Glen Echo Maryland, near the Clara Barton House. Mount Vernon cook pot outside the Colonial chocolate making demo.

Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.

The 16 sided threshing barn at Mount Vernon's pioneer farm.

A rare 18th century breed of pig still at Mount Vernon.

The former White House pastry chef made this giant gingerbread replica of Mount Vernon this week to kick off the Christmas season.

View of the Capitol over the Potomac River from Old Town Alexandria.

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