Thursday, December 3, 2009

National Christmas Tree Lighting - Dec 3rd

I was greatly surprised that we won the lottery of free tickets to the National Christmas Tree Lighting on the White House lawn. There were two types of tickets this year available through the lottery for the publick - seated for 2800 people and 7000 standing tickets. We got seated tickets! We were able to take two other coworkers from Richland who are also here on assignment with us, Kathy and John.
Made the trek through the security lines. Since most everything was prohibited, the lines moved really fast. Walked around the tree and the 56 smaller trees that were represent the states and territories.
View from our seats of the White House. We could see the gigantic group come out of the White House and get in the motorcade to drive over to the stage. President Obama and family and Vice President Biden and grandkids had the best seats of all - right on the stage behind the bulletproof glass that served as a windbreak as well. The weather was pleasant, but the breeze made it cool down fast after dark.

The magic moment. The Obama family pushed the button to turn on all the lights.

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  1. I'm SO jealous! That would have been awesome to see!