Monday, January 11, 2010

National Gallery of Art

On Saturday, we visited the National Gallery of Art. Students throughout the building were working on sketches.

The entrance had a large number of spring bulbs. It was a cold winter day outside, but toasty warm in the entrance.
The building was the largest marble structure in the world when built in 1941. It was an amazing building. Each section was slightly different, but all beautiful.

Degas models that he created in the process of making the larger sculptures. Interesting to see how the process evolves from these simple wax to the following...

Degas ballerina.

Amazingly ornate nativity scenes!

This one looked familiar after visiting Mount Vernon. The museum also had a large number of Gilbert paintings including the one of George Washington that we are all familiar with.

The wood floors and architecture of each room complimented the contents.

Probably Ryan's favorite part....A huge waterfall in the concourse beneath the building.

Cold walk back to the metro. But the clear skies were perfect for pictures of the Capital Building and...

the Washington Monument.

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