Thursday, January 7, 2010

Using Christmas Presents

Ryan's new Keurig coffee maker was put to use as we try to adjust to Eastern Time again. The present stayed in the apartment for Christmas, so he didn't get to open it until we came back. Even though it was 1am, he set it up so it would be ready for use the first morning. It's now close at hand in his office so he can have one cup fresh every morning.

Melany has been experimenting with her new Cricut scrapbooking machine. I had to test the claim as to whether or not it cut fabric (and make a birthday present for my dad at the same time - too bad this picture might be the only thing that arrives by his birthday).
Step 1. Fit the Cricut box into a suitcase to bring back to the apartment.
Step 2. Navigate through rush hour traffic to get to the store to buy the fabric.
Step 3. Wait for the new fabric to wash and dry
Step 4. Iron the Wonder Under to the fabric.
Step 5. Set up the Cricut and pick the correct paper size and decide what size to make the item.
Step 6. After several test runs, the best configuration is fabric side down, Wonder Under paper side up (leave the paper on). Press the fabric firmly to the adhesive on the cutting mat. Change speed to the minimum and pressure to the maximum. Use fingers to hold down fabric as it cuts so that the fabric doesn't slip. Remove from Cricut and use small sharp scissors to cut any parts that got missed when the paper backing got in the way.
Step 7. Put off to another night when the project will have to be sewed together.

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  1. Very cool! Just be careful because it's REALLY addictive!