Sunday, February 14, 2010

Corcoran Art Gallery

We finally ventured out on Saturday and made it to the new exhibit at the Corcoran Art Gallery. There is still lots of snow piled everywhere.

The entrance to the Corcoran.

The building is very beautiful as well as the contents. The new exhibit was a collection from two sisters from Wales that collected for a few years around 1910. Turner, Monet, Manet and several other well known Impressionist painters was the bulk of the collection. There were a few from later like Degas and Van Gogh. There was another collection displayed from a senator from Montana that was interesting because he collected at the same time as the Davies sisters and had many of the same artists, but the paintings were very different because of the style preferences of the collectors.

We were near the Smithsonian Craft Museum, so stopped in.

The Bureau of Bureaucracy. One of the interesting pieces at the museum. Definitely a small collection, but there are some fun things.

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