Sunday, February 7, 2010


So, even though the "storm of the century" was on its way, we had previously made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast ( and had plans to see Monticello - Jefferson's home. We started out just as the storm was starting on Friday, but the entire area had preemptively closed so other than gas stations and a few restaurants, there wasn't much open, even though Charlotsville was predicted to have half the snowfall as the DC area.

Here's our view of Monticello. All we got to see was the sign and then a huge sign that said they were closed for the weather. So, we headed into historic Charlottesville where everything else was closed. About then the B&B called and asked if we wanted to check in early.

We headed that way, and admired the view along the way.

We were upgraded to the Madison room - since the room we had picked you had to go outdoors from the main building to get to. This room was in the main building. The B&B was built by Dinsmore - the same builder that built Monticello and was beautifully decorated. We settled in to enjoy the cable television and the view outside as the snow continued to fall.

The sun porch was the breakfast area. There weren't many other vacationers at the B&B since all had canceled, but it is right across the street from the hospital, so many of the staff who's homes were out of power and a drive through the snow filled up all the rooms.

The Liberty Blue plates featuring Monticello were very familiar since my mom has the whole set.

The really wet heavy snow clung to everything. We enjoyed watching all the unique shapes it made from the warmth of the indoors.

The drive back was not too bad since we were only on main roads and the road crews have been working constantly. We know the parking lot would be bad since there was somewhere around two feet of snow. We lucked out because someone had cleared a spot to leave, all the rest of the complex was still digging their cars out.

Lots of snow!

The view out of our apartment of the pool buildings. Check out all the snow on the roof! It's still below freezing, and sunny! Too bad that everything in town is canceled, including all the Super Bowl parties. As of 10 am Sunday, most of the area schools had already closed for Monday. This is closing in on one of the most snowy winters ever.

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