Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hopefully the last of the snow

The sun is shining and wind had died down, so we headed out to clear off our car. Ryan waited to start swiping snow until I had snapped the picture. The maintenance crew was out removing snow, so we were able to move the car once cleared to the sun and they then plowed out the spot we had been in. This is only the snow from yesterday, the car was snow-free before that.

The trails keep getting deeper!

The icicles hanging off the roof are getting enormous. Check out the one on the left that goes the full length of the building. We're glad we're on the middle floor so we don't have to follow all the advice in the letter from the leasing office - top floor have to keep a close eye on leaks and bottom floors have to shovel out their patios so their apartments don't flood.

I don't know how the guys clearing snow can tell the difference between some of the cars and the piles of snow.

This car hadn't been cleared from the previous storm!

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